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Posted on June 2, 2020

Three Nosy Crow books to read for Empathy Day 2020

One week from today, June 9, is Empathy Day: founded in 2017, Empathy Day focuses on using books as a tool to build empathy, encouraging everyone to read, share books, and put empathy into action.

To support Empathy Day, EmpathyLab have put together two Read for Empathy Guides, featuring empathy-boosting books for children, aged 4-16 years old. We’re delighted that this year No Ballet Shoes In Syria, by Catherine Bruton has been featured in 2020 guide.

No Ballet Shoes In Syria is the moving story of an eleven-year-old Syrian refugee, seeking a new home in Britain. With an important message about kindness, and filled with warmth, hope, and humanity, this is a fantastic selection for the collection.

Buy the book from Waterstones.

Last year, two of our books were featured in the 2019 guide – Ella on the Outside, by Cath Howe and Running on Empty, by S.E. Durrant.

Buy the book from Waterstones.

Buy the book from Waterstones.

You can find out more about Empathy Day and view the guides, here. Don’t forget to join us next week to celebrate and share the importance of empathy!